Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Perpetual Game of Catch-Up

I thought about it the other day, just how jipped my girls have been. There's just not much fun to be had with a couch-potato father and an agoraphobic mother, lol! Lately I feel like I've been transported back where I left off before I started having panic attacks. I feel motivated again, my ambitions are back. It was a leap of faith to move on with my life and I'm so grateful I had the courage to not only leap, but to not take somebody back (pats self on the back). I wouldn't have even cared to make things better had it not been for my two little girls...I thought it was impossible to have more reasons to love them so much!


I really want to get the kids into dance, martial arts, cheer leading...something to nurture their self-esteems. I tend to feel particuarly overprotective in this area because it's a fear of mine that these two will be like mommy. Of course, I'm not a a horrible person, but fear and insecurities really hindered opportunities in my life while I was a ball and chain. I can't help but think of how things would have been had my young life not been ruled by those two suffocating traits. 

My sister's youngest turned 3, and I've talked about "Martha Sister" before and so of course his birthday was a giant fun-fest for kids even for my little sick Zoe! Here's some more pics from that day!There's nothing more entertaining than watching the maniacal playing of hot potato...or in this case hot monster go crazy! I wish I had video of my nephew hitting that pinata. It was like 'tap,tap,tap' and he bent both knees with every tap. Adorable and hilarious! One bonus to the party was the arrival of Santa...aka, the PC Beach Fire Department...the boys got candy filled candy canes, the girls Disney Princess ornaments filled with candy and we all got chocolate!

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