Monday, December 21, 2009

Belation: A Continuance

I know, I know, it's Christmas time but I'm sticking with my unintentional late posts until time allows me to be a tad more current with these things. I wanted to share some pictures from Thanksgiving which also happened to fall on my birthday this year! Perfect timing as there is so much to be thankful for this year!

What's not to love about Thanksgiving? Yummy food. Family...speaking of, my sister did her usual "Hostess with the Mostest" thing and concocted lots of festive edibles! Those acorns on the end: donut holes with their tops dipped in chocolate, then rolled in toffee pieces and a pretzel stick for the good!

Speaking of acorns, some sweet little ones made their first appearance in my shop....and speaking of my shop, I'd like to thank everyone who stopped by to shop the update...means so much right now, so a big THANK YOU!

I'm about to lay on the couch and try to watch Funny People without falling asleep. reflection on the movie (I haven't seen it yet)! I'm just so sleepy right now. First some more pictures from our Thanksgiving!

Jaida wished for a unicorn and Zoe just said "I love mommy". It must be true because little Jaidy didn't win this wishbone tug-of-war. :) Good thing because she would have been really disappointed to know that Unicorns don't really exist.

Oh...and my cake. My mom brought it over and the girls sang me happy birthday and gave me cards they made (I almost cried). This birthday was way less detrimental than turning 30 last year. I feel like I wasted my 20's wallowing in mental hell. I know this decade is going to be awesome! Still, it was a strange birthday; bittersweet. Hard to explain. Although, the cake took away the "bitter" pretty fast! I love Carvel ice cream cakes!
I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving and if I don't post before Christmas, Merry Christmas! xoxo


  1. Have a magical christmas and new year, you deserve it :) xx

  2. Thanks Deanne!! Sending magical wishes back at ya! xoxo