Saturday, June 20, 2009

Deutschland, here we come!!

Some of you may already know my husband hails from Germany. I visited once with Ben (sans kids) back in 2006 and it was amazing...although I'm not a fan of air travel. We won an all-expense paid, kidding, I'm not that lucky. Actually, Ben's father bought us all tickets to come and visit.

He met Zoe once during her first Easter (she was just a baby) and has yet to meet Jaida. I would rather him fly to the States but he also wants his mom to meet her great-grand kids as well as the rest of his family. I can't complain. We desperately need a vacation and not only is the destination awesome but it's free which is perfect because, well, we're broke! Ft. Meyers, Florida straight through to Düsseldorf, Germany...still freaking out about the long plane ride.

My last shipping day in the shop will be June 25th so be on the lookout for new stuff as I scramble to make a little extra spending cash for our trip! I love is a breathtaking country and we were this close (holds tip of thumb and pointer finger 2cm apart) to moving there.

This time we're going when the weather will be nice and warm....last time I brought sandals like an idiot and had to go shopping for clothes that I never wore again...well, some of them. Here are some pics of our last trip there:

All of our poses are the same...we need to be more creative this time. See that castle? It was so amazing and what a workout to make it down there (they drove us back though, whew)! We got another workout sprinting up the (500?) dizzying, spiraling steps to the top of the Cathedral ( Kölner Dom )...I could stare at that architectural work of art for hours studying the beautiful details of it. Speaking of spiraling, look how that tree grew in spiral-formation (Ben's pretending to twist it).

The cute baby in striped stockings is Emma, Ben's niece and the cute baby in blue is Anskar (love his name), his cousin Nicole's baby boy. Can't wait to see how they've grown and meet the new kids! Oh, and yes, nothing special about Walmart but that one sold beer in an outside funny! We also got to take a quick 24 hour visit to Paris. When the bus dropped us off for an hour to do whatever we wanted I was actually afraid for my life.....long story. Anyway, that's it! So excited!! Just need a tranquilizer for the plane ride there and back and I'll be set!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

I would like to thank Fran of for nominating me for this award! I really don't blog as often as I'd like to so it's very sweet of her to think of me! Oh, and check her shop out here or here!

I'd also like to thank Sarah of Diaries of An Obsessive Compulsive
for her sweet feature on my shop! Check out her adorable Etsy shop, EssHaych here!

Thank you both! :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Yay! Front Page!

I know, the front page changes every 10 minutes it seems but I still get excited to know I've even been there especially when it's a hand-picked front page. I know it's silly but I get super happy when I imagine an Etsy employee thinking anything that I make is worthy of the Front Page.....yay!
In family news: Zoe lost her second tooth...and she didn't get overemotional this time when it came out, just excited! I stole her box after she fell asleep, but before I could put it back under her pillow, she woke up and drunkenly waddled into my room half-asleep. When she realized she had forgotten her box and ran for her room I had a mini-panic in my head and quickly ran after her explaining to my distraught five year old (poor thing couldn't find her box), " The toothfairy probably woke you up"....."ya, she can't take the toothfairy box to Pixie Hollow, it's not allowed so she probably got scared off! Go back to sleep and she'll come back". And she did....went back to sleep, and I, the toothfairy put a dollar and some coins in her box and slid it under her pillow. She woke up early the next morning and squealed with delight and happiness! Oh, then the patting-tears-from the eyes thing she does was back. :)