Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Mommy, my heart's beeping fast"!

That's what she said, my little Zoe, after losing her first tooth last night! She did the overemotional patting her teary-eyes thing she does when she's excited or happy (so sensitive, she is!) and now she's anxiously awaiting the wriggly tooth next to the hole to fall out. We celebrated by drinking a glass of "coffee" now that she's reached a new milestone. It's actually Teeccino but they think it's coffee and it tastes great....except now I'm addicted to French Vanilla Coffee Mate and Stevia. You brew it like regular coffee, and it's made by the Republic of Tea peaple . Hazelnut and Almond Amaretto are my favorite flavors...oh, and if they'll give you a free sample here, and even better you get to pick the flavor!
I personalized her little tooth fairy box (I know, it's sloppy but I was rushing!) and this morning she was so excited to get a gift from the tooth fairy....a Velcro dartboard, fun for all! I can't believe in a few months she starts school. Uh-oh, now my heart's "beeping" fast! Thank God my little sister is pregnant so I can remind myself how much work they are! I miss my "babies" but I'm so proud of my girls, even though they are becoming more and more independent....they'll always be my babies.

Okay, I'm going to go cry now!



  1. ohmigosh zoe is so cute!!!losing baby teeth ohh it means our kids are growing up but will always be our babies still!! that little box is tooo cute also!!!:OD

  2. sloppy? i think not! it's incredibly adorable :)

  3. Thank-you both so much! My kids's aren't even in school yet and everywhere I go people say, "...and why aren't you two in school?"

    I have to explain to them that my kids are only four and five (Zoe starts school this year) and I really don't think they believe me, lol!

    My husband is 6'3 so I'm blaming him for my babies growing up too fast! :)