Saturday, May 30, 2009

Monochromatikinder and her Mom

Just listed this little duo in the shop. I've been wanting to remake my original Monochromatikinder Doll series for a long time...I just haven't found the time. But last night I couldn't sleep...and so these were born.

I started the Monochromatikinder Dolls awhile back one day when I was trying to explain to my daughter what the word Monochromatic meant. These dolls have slightly different shades of blue and brown with a contrast of black and white.

Art is healthy, I want to teach kids while they're young and support them as they grow...into the next little da Vincis!
Oh, and I'm so excited that heart-o-matic is back and better than ever thanks to Julian (the originator) and Karena (of Magic Jelly)! Together they made an awesome site I will be on most likely every day. Etsy wrote a great article on it on their all about it (click) ! Yay, CraftCult!!

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