Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A New Baker!

I'm so sorry about my few and far between postings. Our lives are very stressful right now. To make a long story short we are trying to cover two mortgages and well, I will NEVER landlord again....I'm a big softie when I shouldn't be and a big meanie when I shouldn't be. I can never get that right!

We're going to be moving soon back to Panama City, FL (when I was younger my friends and I referred to this city as a black hole and here I am being sucked right back)....but the bright side is my daughter, Zoe, starts school this year and although the four of us (and 3 pets) will be cramped into a 900 square foot townhouse that I loathe, she will be attending one of the best elementary schools in the city...and that's so important to me! Plus, my poor husband, Ben, won't have to travel 1.5 hours to work every day...he'll be home more and that makes me really happy. :)

We spent the weekend with some very welcome guests (Ben's family) and they brought a wet saw and skills to tile our master bathroom! It looks awesome! We're hoping to have the cabinets finished this week so we can call a realtor in and get this house sold! Ben's mom made it look WAY to easy...I swear, this woman knows how to do everything!
Oh, I restocked some little Granny smith zakka apple boxes! I hope to have a Spool Doll update soon and I promise: next time I won't be waiting so long to update my blog! I have so much to say.....just no pause button for my hectic life! :)