Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Quiet Comeback

Wow, a year has gone's a quick update! It's a house full of students over here. The girls are attending an awesome Charter Academy and I will be pursuing Sonography (possibly Nursing) at our local state college....thank God a lot of the pre and co-requisites are the same because there are a TON of them I have to knock out before I can apply for a spot in either of the programs.

I'm so excited to have this reopening on the 12th! I'm restocking some old classics and introducing some new things including my 1st WK Collectors Doll, Olivia (sneak peak above). I hope to do one a month...each doll will be an original, one of a kind creation.  She has been so much fun to make...after batches of remakes...such a welcome, relaxing break from the regulars. Also bringing back the pig-tailed Kokeshi Spool Doll and some other surprises!
I hope everyone is having an amazing year so far! I've missed all of my crafty friends, etsians, and supporters and hope good things are happening globally for all of you!


  1. you are very talented. glad to hear you are making a comeback! you will do well. wishing you many blessings.

  2. Looking forward to seeing more of you and your darling creations! Happy to hear things are going well!

  3. wonderful to see you coming back - the last year must have been a huge journey for you, but now you are starting a fresh which sounds fantastic for you and your girls :) *hugs*