Monday, April 13, 2009

Tornadoes and Customs

Well, today was off to an interesting start with a 6:30 am Tornado siren wake-up call. Thankfully, (and this is probably the only time I will ever be happy about this), both of my little girls snuck into our bed last night so we just had to scramble to collect our three animals and into the bathtub we went. A gust of wind blew the back door open and in poured about a gallon of rain-water....I was so glad Ben was home because I would have lost it without him...he's so calm. The storm passed pretty quickly and there were no tornadoes riding down our street (so thank-you God)!

This is Mom and dad of the custom family I've been working on...not clothed or varnished yet but they are near completion, yay! Here are their three beautiful kids!

Paloma, Vincent, and Navae (aren't those great names?) Two of the kids also have some custom beauty marks they will be receiving today and I will be shopping for clothes for them all is stormy and horrible! I'm also working on the family's Great Dane and fluffy cat...the Dane was an experiment but so far he's turning out really awesome....I think this is why I try to avoid customs; I spend way too much time and the customer has to wait forever and I hate that for them. I always see something to improve and am constantly touching's a problem. Luckily, the girl I'm working with is really sweet and has been so very patient but I'm determined to unite the spool family with the real family this week!

* Oh! Shop update May 2nd! :D


  1. oh I am so glad you are all safe. How terrifying! Your family of spools is just too much can't believe there is a great dane too. Can't wait to seem him!

    Chelsea Ann

  2. i just found you through flickr and then checked you on etsy- LOVE your stuff, LOVE!!!!!!!!!! i'm on etsy too, check out my store it's called: chinamommy (i adopted my daughter from China, hence the name). i also have a blog: